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Maintain a clean and healthy workplace with the help of Jan-Pro of Jacksonville. As a trusted cleaning company in Jacksonville, FL, we take care of all your business’ cleaning needs. We offer a number of commercial cleaning services including:

  • Office Cleanup
  • Floor and Carpet Cleaning
  • Janitorial Services
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Post-Construction Cleanup

No matter what services your company needs, our team of professional and skilled cleaners will take care of it. With our team taking care of your space, it is kept dust, dirt, and bacteria-free for you, your employees, and, most importantly, your clients.

Complete Janitorial Services

Ensuring your business is cleaned on a regular basis is essential for your image and success. That’s why we offer commercial janitorial services for all your cleaning needs. With our services, we deeply clean every area of your business space, disinfecting your surfaces. This ensures a clean and healthy environment that will leave a great impression with your clients.

When our janitorial staff comes to take care of your cleaning needs, they are equipped with everything they need to get the job done right. We only use high-quality cleaning equipment as well as environmentally-friendly cleaning products. This enables us to deeply clean your surfaces, without the need for dangerous chemicals.  

Additionally, we offer our services to cater to your company’s needs. You can schedule our office cleaning services [link to] on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, ensuring your business is cleaned when you need it. This also allows us to meet any budget and keep up with the unique cleaning demands of your company. Reach out to our office to learn more about everything our janitorial service has to offer your company.

Deep Attention to Detail

When taking care of your company’s cleaning, it is essential to have meticulous attention to detail. At our cleaning company, we understand this fact and ensure that all areas of your business space are thoroughly cleaned. From scrubbing and vacuuming floors to dusting desks and workbenches to removing trash, our team takes care of it all, maintaining the same level of quality and detail across every task.

Commercial Green Cleaning That Is Safe for the Environment

In order to meet the demands of environmentally conscious clients, our company has designed and produced the innovative EnviroShield® system. EnviroShield is so gentle and effective that we now use it on every job. With the ability to eliminate 99% of harmful bacteria and germs, this commercial green cleaning system is beneficial for your employees, as well as your bottom line.

The specially-designed sprayer we use is capable of delivering a strong disinfectant that completely sanitizes even the most hard-to-reach areas. The disinfectant does not contain any odors, colors, or harsh chemicals, which makes it the perfect cleaning option to use on both hard surfaces as well as soft surfaces. In fact, this effective and efficient system is so safe that it can even be used in food preparation areas.

Our Guarantee for Quality Commercial Cleaning

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. We know that how happy you are with the quality of our work will not only encourage you to use us the next time you need your commercial property cleaned, but also influence you to recommend us to your colleagues, friends, and business partners. That is why we provide a JAN-PRO Guarantee to prove our commitment to your satisfaction.

What is the JAN-PRO Guarantee? It states that if you are unhappy with any aspect of the work we provide, the cleaning crew will come back out to your location within one business day to resolve the issue for you. What happens if we are unable to come back out that quickly? Then you will receive a complimentary cleaning from our specialists. The guarantee also states that we take the following measures to ensure you receive first-rate commercial cleaning during every visit:

  • Extensive Training for All Franchisees
  • Superior Cleaning Technology & Equipment
  • Secure Background Checks on All Employees
  • Uniforms with Photo IDs for Security Purposes

Contact us when you are in need of janitorial services for your company. We proudly serve Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas.

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